An effective framework for finding similar cases of dengue from audio and text data using domain thesaurus and case base reasoning

Dengue disease, also known as break-bone fever, is a mosquito borne tropical disease transmitted by mosquitoes. If the similarity between dengue infected users can be identified it can help government’s health agencies to manage the outbreak more effectively. To find similar cases of dengue disease, user’s personal and health information are two main fundamental requirements. Identification of the similar symptoms, causes, effects, predications, treatment procedures of dengue outbreak. In this paper, an effective framework is proposed which finds similar patients suffering from dengue disease using keyword aware domain thesaurus and CBR method. This paper focuses on the use of ontology dependent domain thesaurus technique to extract relevant keywords and then build cases with the help of CBR method. Similar cases can be shared with users, nearby hospitals and health organizations to manage the problem more adequately. Two million case bases were generated to test the proposed similarity method. Experimental evaluations of proposed framework resulted in high accuracy and low error rate for finding similar cases of dengue disease as compared to UPCC and IPCC algorithms. The framework developed in this paper is for dengue disease but can be easily extended to other domains also.

Full paper: Dengue Paper

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