Removing Missing Values (Hotel Booking Dataset)

Removing missing values from your dataset is one of the first thing any data analyst or data scientist performs. Machine learning model performance may get affected by missing values in the dataset. To understand how to remove missing values from any dataset, I am taking a rather simple dataset known as Hotel Booking dataset available... Continue Reading →

Import Files in Google Colab

Google colab is one of the goto tool for anyone working in python for data science projects. I often test my code in Google colab with sometime using their GPU power for larger datasets. However, the major issue and most of the time the first step is to upload dataset to Google colab workspace so... Continue Reading →

A Cybersecurity Framework to Identify Malicious Edge Device in Fog Computing and Cloud-of-Things Environments

Device security is one of the major challenges for successful implementation of Internet of Things and fog computing environment in current IT space. Researchers and Information Technology (IT) organizations have explored many solutions to protect systems from unauthenticated device attacks (known as outside device attacks). Fog computing uses network devices (e.g. router, switch and hub)... Continue Reading →

An effective framework for finding similar cases of dengue from audio and text data using domain thesaurus and case base reasoning

Dengue disease, also known as break-bone fever, is a mosquito borne tropical disease transmitted by mosquitoes. If the similarity between dengue infected users can be identified it can help government’s health agencies to manage the outbreak more effectively. To find similar cases of dengue disease, user’s personal and health information are two main fundamental requirements.... Continue Reading →

A Stochastic Game Net based Model for Effective Decision Making in Smart Environments

Internet of Things (IoT) in today’s smart environments has many applications in gerontology, healthcare, transportation, and smart cities. Many challenges still exist in developing IoT based smart environments. Dynamic generation of action strategies based on multiple IoT object's input is one of the major challenges.  In this paper, Stochastic Petri Nets (SPNs) and game theory... Continue Reading →

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